Winter Bliss

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:: In honor of this beautiful season of chilly nights and crisp days, I’m extending the ANINI Designs Sale. ::

Winter is one of my favorite seasons.

I say this knowing that I’m setting myself up for a quarterly repeat.

: Come Spring, I feel the same seasonal sense of admiration for all the fresh growth, green buds, and vibrancy everywhere!
:: Then again, as the warm weather arrives and settles in, I fall head over heels for the gorgeous, long, glory days of Summer.
::: Brilliant Autumn grounds me in awe as the colors ripen into the most glorious shades of rust, copper, and golden hues of rich earthiness.

But truly, Winter stuns me into silence. Partly because I’m one of those “always cold” kind of people. (Ahem, one of those frozen-feet-frozen-hand-people most of the year!)

And although I grew up in San Diego, land of the annual flip-flop wearers and rare frosts, a body gets used to the place it’s living. So, even if much of Southern California is saying, “brrrrr…42,” the same scarf will keep us warm and cozy, and dampen the chill that’s a splendid rarity.
But Winter, my favorite season each time it arrives…Winter has a cozy, comfort none of the other seasons can hold a candle to. Somehow the invisible dance between darkness and light becomes pure magic at this time of year. And a term I ran across a few years ago, the Danish word “Hygge,” captures my favorite parts of the season and distills the essence of everything I love into one brilliant, perfect word.
According to Denmark’s very own webpage, Hygge is the art of “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.”

~ It’s diving into good books and getting lost.
~ It’s cold window panes, darkness outside beginning early in the evenings.
~ It’s the glorious, blazing fires providing contrast and safety as we bask in the glow indoors.
~ It’s those warm drinks, herbal, milky, sweet and spicy.
~ And it’s the candle light cutting through the deep darkness, and deep connections with those around you.
For me, Winter always includes it’s share of holiday gatherings and busyness…but my absolute favorite part of the season is the pampering of my internal, restless introvert. It’s cozying up with the smallest amounts of people and expecting nothing in particular and then receiving the riches of life in return. It’s canceling plans due to snow and belly aches and finding the extra time to settle in again like a treasured gift.

:: So in honor of this chilly season, I’m keeping the sale prices up on all of my pieces in the ANINI shop until New Year. ::
:: Drop in and treat yourself, and keep cozy and warm this Winter! ::

Wishing you all a very warm, joyful, and loving winter season!

~ Jeanine

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