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A decade ago, we chose a life outside of “the city.”
It was a deliberate choice, though not without its occasional burdens for sure.
(Think driving an hour for a grocery or hardware store run…
minimal restaurant choices for the minority-vegetarians…mandatory post office box.)
But certainly burdens offset by beauty and fresh air.

But for a decade now we have lived in…

…tiny mountain towns reminiscent of Switzerland,
…tucked away in the redwoods on the Lost Coast,
…and now nestled in the rocky foothills of San Diego’s tallest mountain.
The journey has been varied and fun!
And for each burden that certainly does exist for living further away from “the action,”
is the deep breath of certainty each time I hop in the car for an errand
and gaze at foggy plains flanked by ridges of shaded mountainsides.
It is the clarity I feel
as a breeze blows in the window delivering fresh air.
It is inspiration the outside landscape provides
with its numerous hillsides and gradients of color, ever-changing throughout the day.
I am blessed and grateful to find nature as often as I’m willing to open my eyes to it.
And for each time I search, I am rewarded immensely.

2 Responses

  1. Marie Beatty

    Thanks for posting. This is refreshing and reinvigorates me to get out there! See you at school!

    • Jeanine Ertl

      Thanks, Marie! It is such a gorgeous place we live in. 🙂

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