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ANINI Designs is open for business!

It’s a bit of a dream-come-true for a long list of reasons…

* I LOVE textiles, textures, fabrics, fibers and color.

* I’m a visual person…and intuitively feel colors as they co-mingle.

* I find weaving to be one of my treasured “home” places–a place of serenity and hub of creativity.

* Weaving is also my continued journey of practice with patience (ahem) and experimentation.

* Setting up a business has been something the younger-me never dreamt of…while the adult-me is invigorated and excited at getting busy with it.

* I finally have a job that utilizes a plethora of my passions: weaving, photography, writing, graphic design, nature, and environmentally-responsible living.

* And finally, I sit at the loom and know I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. The stars are aligned. I get emotional often. I’m at peace. And I’m in the Flow!

I’m excited to have finally set up this online space to share with everyone!

Welcome! And please do take a wander through the new Anini Designs Blog.

~ Jeanine

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