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The Weaving Process
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Creating fabric out of long strands of fiber is a process for the unintimidated by tangles and tedium. If I’m to be completely honest, the first few times I warped my first small loom, I was sick to my stomach. … Read More

Inspired by Nature
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For a decade now we have lived in…tiny mountain towns reminiscent of Switzerland…tucked away in the redwoods on the Lost Coast…and now nestled in the rocky foothills of San Diego’s tallest mountain….

Open for business!
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ANINI Designs is open for business! It’s a bit of a dream-come-true for a long list of reasons… * I LOVE textiles, textures, fabrics, fibers and color. * I’m a visual person…and intuitively feel colors as they co-mingle. * I … Read More

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